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Hikan Densho: Kuden Vol 23 DVD - Masaaki Hatsumi

Hikan Densho: Kuden Vol 23 DVD - Masaaki Hatsumi
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Direct transmissions of the Bujinkan densho taught by Ninjutsu Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. 

You can now be there in Japan with Soke as he passes on his teachings - but even better yet you can pause him and have instant replay in the comfort of your own dojo or living room! 

Soke allowed filming of his teaching in his Japan classes for 2005. Now you can share the direct undiluted Japan teaching with your friends or your dojo students. The 2005 theme was "Gyokko-ryu " Taijutsu, Weapons - including Happo Biken, Bo (6ft staff) and Ken (sword). 

'Kuden' means direct transmission - this training was filmed live at his Hombu dojo and his Ayase Tokyo Budokan classes. Now you can train as if you came to every class of Soke Hatsumi in Japan. Hidden within the teachings are the core of true Budo Taijutsu in only a way that Soke Hatsumi transmits. 

It is an unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to be able to travel to Japan to train with him in his dojo - AND NOW he offers these same teachings directly to you. 

Every class was filmed for history and now you can study the entire year's teachings class by class without the hassle and expense of international travel. 
Now you can get the 3 months of teachings for one low price - Get your transmissions today! 

21 Classes shared on this dvd are: 

July 1st, 2005 
July 5th, 2005 
July 10th, 2005 
July 15th, 2005 
July 17th, 2005 
July 22nd, 2005 
July 31st, 2005 
August 2th, 2005 
August 9th, 2005 
August 12th, 2005 
August 19th, 2005 
August 23th, 2005 
August 26th, 2005 
August 28th, 2005 
September 2nd, 2005 
September 4th, 2005 
September 13th, 2005 
September 16th, 2005 
September 18th, 2005 
September 23rd, 2005 
September 30th, 2005 

ALL these classes for $39.95 the price for ONE class in Japan! 

Formato: DVD NTSC
Lingua: Giapponese con sottotitoli in inglese
Durata 123 min.
Info DVD   All region - Visualizzabile su qualsiasi dispositivo


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