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Hikan Densho: Kuden Vol 11 DVD - Masaaki Hatsumi

Hikan Densho: Kuden Vol 11 DVD - Masaaki Hatsumi
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Includes classes by Masaaki Hatsumi from January and February 2004.
A very important theme is that war is connected with peace. All Taijutsu, or weapons, or nature. These things are all are connected through that. The Bugei JuHappan (18 fields of martial arts), this is also connected to everything. But those characters for 1 and 8 were often expressed in times of battle as, "IchikaBachika"(dead or alive), and by knowing that, there is the creativeness of fighting, or rather the way of living and there in lies the essence of fighting...even in times of peace, people still fight. By training in Budo, with that, war and peace are the same, and it is the same with InYo. I would like you to know that is where this thing called life is. For the people who are doing Budo and for those who are not,these DVDs are vital for living and I insist you see them. When watching them, I would like you to think that they are very important images and teachings.
Formato: DVD NTSC
Lingua: Giapponese con sottotitoli in inglese
Durata 107 min.
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